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Elevation Mechanical Home Heating

Thanks to our ability to take charge of our indoor environment during the harsh winter and scorching summer heat, people can now live comfortably in any area of the world. And because we depend so much on this technology, things tend to get very uncomfortable pretty quickly whenever something goes wrong. That’s why we, at Elevation Mechanical Company, are well-positioned to offer consistent and professional home heating service Colorado Springs residents can always rely on. We provide installation, repairs, and maintenance services for just about any make or model of electric or gas heating systems built for residential purposes. Are you remodeling an existing home or building a new house? Whatever the job may be, we are prepared to work with you so we can eventually provide you with the ideal indoor heating system for your household needs without blowing your budget.

Dependable Home Heating Solutions

We are the go-to full-service company for heating Colorado Springs residents can count on for all their needs. This means you can always rely on us to respond whenever your home heating system is malfunctioning. Here’s a breakdown of some of our wide-ranging options for home heating service Colorado Springs:

Home Heaters & Furnaces

We are the best local company for expert installations, maintenance, and heating repair Colorado Springs residents have come across. We understand that the furnace is the main component of any central heating system and our skilled technicians have been trained to handle projects involving all kinds of electric and gas heating models. Since the overall performance of your home furnace equipment is largely dependent on how well you maintain it, our company also offers up maintenance agreements to our clients. This way, we can always ensure that your Home Ventilation & Air Conditioning system keeps your household warm and cozy during the winter season and cool in the hot summer months.

How do our home furnaces work? Well, indoor furnaces are uncomplicated appliances, and they mostly operate as you would expect them to, so whenever your home temperature drops below a certain level, the thermostat will automatically turn the furnace on. Gas or electricity then begins to flow steadily into the burner where it is ignited, thereby providing the central heating flame required within your furnace. Afterward, the hot air that flows from the furnace flame creates a heat exchange, and is then propelled through the ductwork system and distributed across each room available in your home.

Are you excited about installing the latest in-home furnace and heater technology? Or perhaps your old heater is causing spikes in the energy bill and needs fixing; contact us today and we can help you keep the situation under control.

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Reliable Home Furnace Installation

We like to plan early for every installation for home heating Colorado Springs residents bring to our table to ensure a quality job is done. This way, our installation technicians can get right to work immediately when they enter your home. You are also guaranteed a quick and efficient process because we take the comfort & safety of your household very seriously, and we always run performance tests on each component before we leave.

Installation of home Air Conditioning

Proper handling & installation of residential air conditioning projects is one of our specialties. We start by carrying out on-site assessments to determine which air conditioning system will be best suited to your indoor environment.

No other company has heating contractors Colorado Springs Co homeowners can feel comfortable with in their home as they wire and set up your AC ducts and unit faster or more efficiently like our technicians at Elevation Mechanical. Feel free to call on our experienced expertise and you can rest assured that your indoor air conditioning system has been properly installed.

Air Conditioning Repair

Even though repair jobs can be stressful, our factory-trained technicians have mastered the art of providing confident & customer-friendly repair services. Your home air conditioner can break down at any time. Whether it’s in the intense summer heat, or during the peak of a freezing winter season; we are well equipped to offer fast, thorough, and reliable AC repairs for all our Colorado Springs customers. Moreover, our inventory is well stocked with all styles and brands of air conditioner replacement components so there can be no excuses for failure.

Testing & Improvement of Indoor Air Quality

If the air within your home isn’t crisp and clean, your heating and air conditioning system will struggle to keep your entire household comfortable. Indoor air tends to contain more allergens and pollutants than outdoor air, so without adequate ventilation, things can get dirty very quickly. We at Elevation Mechanical take pride in being the foremost heating contractors Colorado Springs Co residents have come to love and trust. It is our job to provide high-tech Indoor Air Quality service for all residents because our air cleaning equipment can improve your home’s humidity levels significantly while clearing the air of any hazards to your family’s health.

Home Heating Maintenance

You can ensure the longevity and energy consumption efficiency of your home heating unit by investing in our heating maintenance service. The peace of mind and monthly energy savings derived from using a home heating system that functions properly will compensate you adequately for the standard cost of our maintenance plans for heating repair Colorado Springs homeowners can be confident in.
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Home Duct Installation

Central heating systems for homes require a competent duct network for delivering warmed indoor air across your living space. Over time, we have perfected the art of installing energy-efficient air duct systems for heating Colorado Springs homes. Whether you’re involved in new construction or a renovation project, the issue of HVAC ductwork is a major component that must be addressed, because if handled poorly, you may experience some loss in the heating/cooling capacity of your HVAC unit as well as other deteriorative problems associated with poor ductwork. We are the most capable home heating service Colorado Springs residents can call on and our team of expert installers has the experience that can improve overall ductwork efficiency. They will ensure that your home ventilation system delivers up to its full heat or cooling capacity. You’ll also find that the fabrication of custom ductwork systems is one of the benefits of working with experienced local heating contractors Colorado Springs CO homeowners love the most. Minimized energy cost is the most direct and practical advantage of using our ductwork installation.
Here’s how we reduce energy loss with our ductwork operations:
· By installing air ducts in areas of your home that are least exposed to environmental factors

  • We always ensure that your ducts are sealed properly
  • We prevent condensation by using a vapor barrier
  • We always use superior quality insulation materials

Home Air Humidification

Air humidifiers for the whole house are often installed along with the indoor furnace, and this is done to help improve your heating/cooling system’s overall capacity. Whole-house humidifiers were built to help you minimize discomforts like dry lips, throats, skin, and noses as well as other allergies that can arise from low humidity weather. Moreover, by controlling the indoor air moisture, you can reduce cracks in your furniture and drywall, peeling wallpaper, static electricity, and other common adverse effects associated with the harsh winter season. Our years of experience at Elevation Mechanical Company have helped us to specialize in installing, maintaining, and repairing air humidification systems for entire households.

Do you live in Colorado Springs and its surrounding areas? And are you experiencing damage to your home or health problems due to the dry air? Not to worry, we can help you alleviate these issues by installing a functional air humidification system. How do our air humidifiers work? They operate by simply adding moisture to your indoor air. Our humidifiers are also straightforward to operate and consist of components like a water tank, fan, and wick.

The humidifier wick is there to absorb water and expand its surface area, which will make it easier for the water to evaporate rapidly into the indoor atmosphere. Afterward, the humidifier fan will disperse the air with increased humidity across your home environment. Our indoor humidification systems are available in wide varieties, but their operations are quite similar. Most whole-house humidifiers are connected to the indoor furnace. This is done so that whenever your home’s humidity needs a boost, water is automatically introduced to the humidifier wick, and from there, it will be distributed via your home’s ductwork system.

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General Home Heating Repair

Because out of sight can easily become out of mind when it comes to home heating/cooling equipment, people tend to neglect their home comfort machines, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You should always be comfortable knowing that your HVAC equipment is functioning properly and well maintained by licensed industry professionals. We at Elevation Mechanical are specialists in making system-wide repairs to any malfunctions in your home HVAC, air ducts, and boiler systems. It gets better because our service rates are quite affordable for home heating repair Colorado Springs homeowners love. There is no make or model of equipment we cannot repair or handle, because our services are directed towards helping our customers extend their equipment’s lifespan while reducing repair and energy consumption costs. Our inventory is also stocked with common replacement parts, that way we can help to reduce your system’s downtime, and our technicians will also perform thorough testing of your home heating equipment after making repairs to ensure your total satisfaction because our skill set in home heating Colorado Springs residents have come to appreciate and trust.