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It can be hard to keep warm during the winter in Colorado Springs, so we understand that the last thing you need is your heating unit breaking down without a warning. Has your heating system been evaluated today to avoid any unwanted surprises? The best way to avoid expensive repairs and replacements is by having your heating system serviced and maintained regularly. At Elevation Mechanical, we specialize in Colorado Springs heater repair, heater maintenance and servicing.

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Our Colorado Springs heating repair specialists will work hard to come up with the right solution for your heater problems. If you are located in or around Colorado Springs, call us today for an estimate. We offer free estimates, both over the phone and in-person. We are always more than happy to answer any heater repair and maintenance questions you may have.

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Signs Your Heater Needs Repairs

There are a few indicators that your heater is broken. The most obvious clue is that your heater is not distributing any warm air. Another indicator is that your utility bill has gone up significantly. This could be a sign that something is wrong with your system, causing it to use extra power to try and reach the desired temperature. Some of the most common issues our technicians encounter include:

  • Strange Smells Coming From Your Heater
    Your heater may smell a bit when you light it up for the first time, but if it doesn’t dissipate soon after then you should call a technician to come in and check it out.
  • Off-Color Pilot Light
    Pilot lights are typically supposed to burn blue when lit – if yours is burning any other color, there’s a good chance something is wrong. The pilot light can change color when dangerous gasses like carbon monoxide aren’t ventilating properly, which can quickly lead to serious problems.
  • Difficulty Turning Your Heater On
    There are a few things that could cause your heater to struggle to turn on, ranging from a malfunctioning starter to issues with the gas line. An experienced heating technician can quickly diagnose and fix this issue.
  • Cold Spots Around Your Home
    With the correct heater, your entire home should be comfortably warm. If you have cold spots, that could mean that your insulation needs to be inspected, but it’s more likely that your heater is either too small or is wearing down and needs immediate service.
  • Loud or New Sounds
    While heaters are far from silent machines, banging, screeching, or other new sounds are some of the clearest indicators that something is wrong with your unit.

In the event that any of these things is happening, we urge you to call our expert Colorado Springs heating maintenance technicians.