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If you’ve lived within the Colorado Springs area for a few seasons, you won’t overlook the importance of a working home heating & cooling system to ensure that during the cold months you have sufficient heating colorado springs residents trust. Although they might not always use their indoor heaters throughout the year, regular maintenance work is still necessary to ensure proper functionality of the system. Because the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) air ducts are responsible for delivering cooled/heated air directly into every room, their integrity will affect the air quality, comfort, reliability, efficiency, as well as longevity of your HVAC equipment. If the contaminants hidden inside holes and cracks are allowed to build up, you’ll end up facing diminished temperature control, or health hazards and still spend more money on repairs. Thankfully, you can avoid all these by making a quick call to us at Elevation Mechanical for a skilled, affordable, and comprehensive range of indoor heating solutions anywhere across the Colorado Springs area.

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Your home HVAC unit is essential to keeping your family feeling comfortable at all times during the freezing winter and hot summer months. When it operates efficiently, you can all inhale clean and uncontaminated air while minimizing power consumption to help cut utility costs. And of course, if your indoor air conditioning system starts giving you trouble things could get pretty uncomfortable and stressful. Some common byproducts of a malfunctioning or broken HVAC system may include:

  • Unbearably hot living space
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Extreme or poor humidity levels
  • High energy bills
  • Allergy flare-ups

Are you currently experiencing any of the aforementioned challenges? What you need is repair service from the most professional and reliable heating contractors Colorado Springs residents can boast about. At Elevation Mechanical Company, we bring several years of industry experience to the table in order to service your needs. We have a highly skilled and factory-authorized team that has been trained to respond to any situation with the foremost technology. Our expertise in the field of providing heating and air conditioning Colorado Springs homeowners have ever hired is unmatched.

Our goal is sustainable and cost-effective HVAC solutions Colorado Springs residents can enjoy during all seasons. Just like any other piece of equipment, your HVAC system requires periodic maintenance and repairs. This is the only way to keep it operating at its peak performance levels throughout the year. After carrying out a thorough evaluation of your entire air duct system, we respond by providing honest and proactive recommendations to help you make well-informed decisions that will extend the lifespan of your indoor heater. Our project estimates are free and we complete all maintenance and repair services effectively without any disruption or damage to your home. Our service of HVAC repair Colorado Springs residents highly recommend due to our professionalism and efficiency.

Heating Repair Colorado Springs

Indoor heating colorado springs issues can arise from either mechanical, electrical, or hardware faults, so timely repairs and preventative maintenance are what can keep your home heating system functioning optimally for several years. If your heater suddenly malfunctions or stops working, you have to decide on whether to make repairs or replace it, but most importantly, what will be more cost efficient in the end. At Elevation Mechanical Company, we have a team of technicians who are factory-trained in heating repair Colorado Springs residents can trust to be in their homes. They are always ready to assess your faulty indoor heating system and offer the best solutions going forward for your circumstance along with providing outstanding customer service.

We’ve gone ahead to highlight a few of the most common causes for why your heat pump or furnace might be malfunctioning and how you should respond to them. In most of these situations, the ideal course of action would be to call the most reliable heating contractors Colorado Springs CO homeowners know and love to sort the problem out for you.

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Furnace Won’t Heat Properly

Perhaps your HVAC system doesn’t turn on the heat properly by blowing out warm air when it should, and the common cause of this malfunction is unit blockage. By design, heat pumps were built to draw from the heat found in the atmosphere surrounding your home, and once the flow of air inside your heating unit becomes obstructed by debris like ice, fallen leaves, or snow, it then becomes very difficult for your HVAC system to operate properly. The best solution here is simple because you simply need to clear out whatever debris is preventing your heating unit from getting its supply of adequate air.

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Flame Sensor Malfunction

Flame sensors are typically found in gas furnaces, and are there to ensure that free gas flow occurs only when there is a flame available to ignite it properly. However, if your unit has a dirty or faulty flame sensor, it can lead to some improper functioning of your furnace. You must always call on a qualified HVAC repairman for help with fixing your flame sensor because it can be a serious hazard.

Refrigerant Leaks

This type of problem usually causes fluctuations in temperature, so if left unchecked, refrigerant leaks will eventually result in serious damage to your HVAC unit. Unlike with changing air filters, you will certainly require professional services that Colorado Springs homeowners trust, to resolve this troublesome issue. Our repairman will likely have to perform extensive assessment work, depending on the area that is leaking, just to pinpoint the source of the problem.

Faulty Compressors

Your heating unit’s compressor plays the important function of propelling the refrigerant fluid/gas through the HVAC coils. A malfunctioning or failed compressor will result in a complete system failure – which means your home cannot be heated during winter nor cooled in the summer. Our HVAC technicians have been well trained to respond to this type of situation, by first ensuring that your system has enough refrigerant. They’ll also check for any leaks that may have contributed to the failure of your old compressor before replacing it.

HVAC Repairs & Servicing Colorado Springs

Because prevention is always better than cure, Home Ventilation and Air Conditioning replacement and repair services are deemed necessary. Even when your home HVAC system has been maintained properly over time, repairs are still necessary to fix particular issues due to normal wear and tear of parts. We’ve gone ahead to highlight some common HVAC repair issues that may arise and how our qualified technicians can respond to protect your system from sudden failure:

Inspecting/Changing Your AC Air Filter

While this task might seem simple, it is a very important one because clogged or dirty air filters can hinder your AC system’s airflow efficiency. This will impact negatively on your home’s indoor air quality so your air filters must be replaced at least once a month and the process of replacing them is also quite straightforward and efficient. With new air filters, you can improve the overall quality of your indoor air significantly by trapping any unseen particles such as dust mites and dander. You also get to reduce the pressure on your unit’s circulation system — hence allowing it to perform at optimal levels. Moreover, you would do well to inspect your air filter just before the heating season begins so you can make any necessary changes.
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Malfunctioning Thermostat

Ideally, your system’s thermostat must always remain clean on the inside, stay level, activated, and protected from direct sunlight so that it will always engage your HVAC unit at the right time. However, you might just be experiencing an electrical or mechanical issue if all of the aforementioned conditions have been met and your thermostat malfunction persists. Feel free to call on us at Elevation Mechanical. We are the go-to heating contractors Colorado Springs residents turn to for any HVAC issues. Our certified technicians will be at your doorstep with the tools & expertise required to perform specialized repairs on your HVAC system’s thermostat.

Motor Belt Inspection

The motor belt of your HVAC system must always be firm to the touch and should only give half an inch (or less) when placed under pressure. Our qualified technicians have been trained to examine your AC belts for any cracks, cuts, or other signs of wear to ensure quality home heating Colorado Springs homeowners have faith in to keep them comfortable at all times.

Blown Fuses & Tripped Breakers

Your HVAC unit comes with electrical fuses and circuit breakers that were designed to protect the system from power surges or overheating. A blown fuse or a faulty breaker could easily result in serious damage to the AC motor. Any of our technicians that appear at your doorstep has mastered the art of examining AC system fuses and breakers, so you can trust us to make repairs and replacements for home heating Colorado Springs residents need at any time.

Inadequate Drainage

Sometimes the condensate drain line for your HVAC unit might become clogged with lint, dirt, or other forms of debris, and this can cause the drainage pan to fill up until it flows over. Such conditions could easily lead to a serious malfunction in your air conditioning unit, along with anything else in close proximity to the drain pan. You can simply call upon the services of arguably the most reliable and professional heating contractors Colorado Springs Co homeowners highly recommend, and any of our skilled technicians will be happy to remove and repair the blockage for you.
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