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Retrofitting Your Heating & AC Systems In Colorado Springs

Cost Effective Solutions Instead of Full Replacements

Over time, HVAC systems become less efficient or entirely ineffective. Replacing HVAC equipment is time-consuming and a large expense for homeowners and business owners. The replacement process can also be extremely disruptive to business. Even if your heating or your AC units are well-maintained, they will eventually need to be replaced. When possible, at Elevation Mechanical, we recommend retrofitting services as a cost-effective alternative to replacement. This option saves you money and improves your heating and cooling systems without enduring the replacement process.

What is retrofitting?

Retrofitting is the addition of new technology or features to an older heating or air conditioning system. Adding new technology or features to your old system can enable it to last longer and can delay the need to replace the system entirely. While retrofitting is not a permanent solution, we find it is perfect for our customers who find themselves unable to fully replace their system due to costs.

Some benefits of retrofitting your HVAC equipment include:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Most HVAC retrofits is due to a desire to increase your systems efficiency and lower possible energy consumption. With a retrofit installation, you can save up to 40 percent on your monthly energy costs.
  • Extended lifespan of your system
  • When you lower the number of HVAC run cycles, you will ultimately reduce wear on your unit. Replacing your system by retrofitting it, provides your system with newer parts and enhances the life cycle of the entire unit.
  • Reduced Repairs Costs
  • Repairs for an HVAC unit can be expensive. The hidden costs are often times what is the most devastating. When your unit is down, it can affect sales and even customer satisfaction. With a retrofit, it will dramatically reduce repairs.
  • Improved level of comfort
  • When your unit is running efficiently, everyone is going to enjoy better humidity control as well as a more consistent temperature throughout your home or commercial building.
  • Faster ROI (return on investment)
  • When you retrofit your HVAC unit, it is usually a fraction of the cost of what a whole new system would cost you. Your ROI can be back as little as a year.

Enlist the help of the specialists at Elevation Mechanical

For more information about retrofitting and to find out if it is the best solution for your home or business, get in touch Elevation Mechanical today. Our experienced professionals have the skills and knowledge to quickly remedy system issues. We provide free estimates and will be more than happy to assist you with all of your heating/AC needs.