How Air Ducts Are Cleaned And
Why You Should Have A Pro Do It

How Air Ducts Are Cleaned And Why You Should Have Pro Do It.

The air inside your home needs to be free from harmful bacteria. The best way to maintain this is by making sure that the air ducts are thoroughly clean. With time, a lot of dirt particles accumulate within air ducts, especially on hard surfaces. These can lead to foul odors and poor air quality causing many diseases.

Air ducts need to be cleaned at regular intervals. The most common problem is mold growth which needs to be treated with chemicals as soon as possible. Large dirt particles might also clog the ducts. Therefore, you should check the ducts to see if any mold growth is visible or if they are particularly dusty. If you see signs of dirt or if a family member suddenly develops allergies, get the ducts cleaned immediately. To ensure safe cleaning you should hire professional services. A professional team will be able to assess the condition of the ducts and suggest a cleaning method suitable for the level of contaminants that have accumulated inside the ducts.

What Cleaning Method Is Used for Air Ducts?

It is important to keep the air ducts clean at all times. This makes sure that you are breathing in fresh and clean air when you are at home. If you are wondering how air ducts are cleaned take a look at the following points.

  • Inspection

Air ducts need to be inspected thoroughly before cleaning. The inspection will determine if any parts need additional servicing or if any wear and tear have occurred. Professional air duct cleaners might drill holes to check the condition of the ducts but they will seal these afterward. The inspection will also help the cleaners know if any cracks might lead to leaks while cleaning.

  • Vacuum Cleaning

The loose contaminants inside the air ducts need to be cleaned with a powerful vacuum. The vacuum will extract all the dirt particles from the air ducts without allowing them to spread or enter the air. Since these particles are very small they can easily enter the living space and be suspended in the air. But when cleaners use a vacuum, these particles are safely removed. The vacuums used are often large and mounted on a van but handheld vacuums are also used for thorough cleaning.

  • Cleaning with Brushes

Brushes are used to clean more effectively. The brushes can be motorized or manual and are used to clean larger debris particles from inside the air ducts. Professional cleaners might need to drill holes again to push the brushes in so they can access the inside of the ducts through vents or intakes. The brushes shake loose the contaminants and then clean them out. If holes are drilled, the professionals will cover them up after cleaning.

  • Cleaning of Debris

Even after the initial cleaning with the vacuuming and the brushes, there might be some particles left in the corners. These areas are not easily accessible. To clean the leftover debris the cleaners will use the vacuum again. The contaminants, after brushing, will be loose and the second round of vacuuming will extract all of the particles.

Cleaning of Heating or Cooling System and Covers

The heating or cooling system will have to be cleaned with disinfectants after all dirt particles are removed. This will improve the air quality. As a final step, the covers of the air ducts will also need to be cleaned. After each part is thoroughly cleaned, the professionals will seal up all the air ducts and check if they are functioning properly.

Why Is It Better to Hire Professional Services for Cleaning Air Ducts?

To thoroughly clean air ducts, you need to have expert knowledge. If you do not know how the ducts work or from where you need to access the interior of the ducts, you will not be able to do a good job. This is why you should get a pro to clean the air ducts in your home. Apart from having the necessary skills, there are few more reasons why you should hire professional air duct cleaners. These reasons have been listed below.

Proper Equipment

A professional team will have the right equipment to clean air ducts. Motorized or manual brushes along with heavy-duty vacuums mounted on trucks or vans are essential. You will not find these in your home so you will have to rely on professionals. Such equipment will help to clean the ducts safely and effectively.

Use of Antimicrobial Products

To clean the heating or cooling system, the use of antimicrobial products is a must. A professional cleaning team will have all the necessary disinfectants and sanitizers. The HVAC system in your home needs to be treated with cleaning agents that reduce any build-up of pathogens. These chemicals are only used on non-porous surfaces of the system and they also prevent odors.

Maintenance of HVAC System

Professional cleaners are often able to check and clean the entire HVAC system. While cleaning of the air ducts is important, you can ask a pro to take a look at all the other components of the HVAC system, including coils, grills, drain pan, heat exchanger, air plenum, and air filter. These maintenance services which can be done along with the cleaning will make sure that the system is in good condition.

Final Words

While cleaning the air ducts is necessary, it is better to invest in cleaning the entire HVAC system. If you just have the air ducts cleaned, then dirt and debris from other parts may enter and cause clogging. There might be mold build-up on the other parts of the HVAC system that have not been checked. This can later cause a lot of problems including bad health and malfunctioning of the heating or cooling system. So, when you hire professional services, ask them to do a maintenance check for the entire HVAC system. If no other parts seem dirty or require immediate servicing, you can ask the team to proceed with cleaning just the air ducts.