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Furnace Installation Colorado Springs

When it comes to the safety and comfort of your home, you simply need the right furnace. While it is a considerable investment, it will be worth it to keep you warm in the winter. After you have selected the best furnace to keep you and your family cozy, you must be careful when deciding how to handle your furnace installation. Not only will a quality furnace make you comfortable in the winters, but it is also energy efficient. You might be tempted to install a low-cost furnace, but saving a few backs might be dangerous because if the low-cost furnace malfunctions, a major electric or duct repair might be expensive. That’s why it’s important to pick the right furnace and the right service to install it for you.

Everyone wants to make their homes safe and comfortable, but with constant weather changes, you might encounter problems with the furnace. These issues might occur suddenly, but you can prevent some of them through regular furnace inspection and cleaning. However, when your furnace malfunctions, it’s time to give us a call because we can get your issues rectified as soon as possible. Let’s discuss when you need a furnace replacement, features to look for, and what you can expect.

Signs you need a Furnace Replacement Colorado Springs

Here are some warning signs that mean it’s time to replace your existing furnace with a new one.

1. 15-30 years life span: A heating system can generally last for about 15-30 years, with regular service and maintenance. The gas furnace typically lasts for 15-30 years, whereas electric heaters can last for 25-30 years; However, do keep in mind that gas furnaces have low operational costs and higher heating capabilities compared to the latter.

2. Loud noises during operation: Some sounds of rattling, popping, screeching and humming may indicate that the furnace is quite old and needs a replacement. At this point, you might also consider having a new one installed to minimize your energy bills. Today’s furnaces are designed to produce no sounds, and any such behaviour requires consulting our professionals. For a quality inspection of their furnace Colorado Springs residents turn to us.

3. Frequent temperature fluctuations: Once the furnace becomes old and inefficient, it loses the capability to distribute heat across the house evenly. These sudden temperature changes are a warning sign that your furnace may be on its last legs.

4. Soot and dust near the furnace register: It’s always annoying to notice dust and soot lingering across your rooms, kitchen and bathroom because it brings dry air into the house, which can have a detrimental effect on wooden floors, furniture, couches and shelves. This could cause the old furnace parts to produce a large amount of carbon dioxide, which could impact you and your families’ health.

5. Rising energy bills and repair cost: If the recurring expenses of repair are higher than a new furnace’s price, then it’s time to purchase a new heating unit. To further save money, You might want to change the heating source to new technology, like radiant heating.

6. The furnace’s pilot light is yellow: Ideally, the pilot light must have blue and consistent flames because any deviation might mean that dangerous carbon monoxide is getting released into your homes, and it requires immediate furnace inspection. If the problem persists, it’s time to replace the furnace for your family’s safety and comfort.

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Here are the type of furnaces available for usage:

There are two most commonly used types of heating systems – forced air and radiant systems. The differences are that forced air furnaces include ductwork for heat distribution across the room, whereas radiant furnaces depend upon boilers to transfer the heat. For excellent furnace service, Colorado Springs customers turn to us!

In terms of how exactly the furnaces work, you are likely to encounter mostly three variants:

1. Electric furnaces – These furnaces have a low setup cost, but incur charges due to power consumption. They are suitable for places that don’t experience extreme winters and they are typically small in size and easy to install.

2. Gas furnaces – If your area has harsh winter weather, you must opt for gas furnaces because while they have comparatively high setup costs, they are less expensive. Furthermore, gas furnaces often need frequent furnace inspection Colorado springs residents may be interested in gas furnaces, but just be aware that they will need regular cleanup and replacements.

3. Oil furnaces – They are not recommended choices for your home today because of volatile oil prices. They don’t require the cost of operating as such; they only cost fuel storage every quarter.

Furnace replacement is a tedious job, but there are some situations when you have no choice but to replace the unit. As the system gets old, it may incur substantial operational costs, make loud voices, and experience fluctuating temperatures.

Features to check for Furnace Service Colorado Springs

While purchasing a furnace Colorado Springs residents should know that there are certain factors one must keep in mind aside from energy consumption. These include:

1. BTU capacity – On average, approx 30-60 BTU capacity per square feet is sufficient for adequate heat. Certain factors like how old your house is and your climatic conditions (such as how harsh your winter is) must also be considered when purchasing a furnace (you will want to always ensure that the furnace is large enough for your daily needs).

2. AFUE rating – This is an important measure to evaluate how efficient the furnace is at converting fuel into heat. The higher the percentage, the more efficient the furnace is in its operations.

3. Load calculation – A typical load calculator for a furnace considers numerous factors like the house’s size, location, type of window, etc. To ensure a better idea of the costs, many customers can consult a company that specializes in furnace inspection Colorado Springs customers turn to us for this very reason!

4. Warranty – Generally,a furnace comes with a warranty of 5-10 years, but you can extend this duration at additional costs.

As a final step, you must choose the right spot to install your furnace by considering the ventilation and drainage requirements. You might be required to take additional steps to fix window leaks, cracks, and floor sweeps.

A few other features you might look for while searching for the best furnace include:

– Integrated air filtration to remove dust and dirt from the system.
– Ignition system for improved efficiency by preventing continuous glowing pilot light.
– Variable heat outputs for added comfort and experience.
– Variable speed blowers for more controller air and to prevent constant swings.
– Zoned heating to allow heating specific areas of your room at your convenience.

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Furnace Replacement Colorado Springs costs - What to expect?

Furnace replacement costs vary depending upon location, climate conditions, the size of the house etc; however, a major electric or duct repair might make the costs higher. A furnace installation process might require a permit and inspection, which can increase the cost. While you might be tempted to install a low-cost furnace, know that saving a few bucks might be dangerous. It can result in additional expenses in repair in the upcoming future, so therefore it is wise to consider a furnace that meets your family’s day-to-day requirements and might be a little more expensive rather than get one that requires frequent maintenance.

Here are some of the prevalent noises you might notice when you need furnace replacement:

  • Popping sound due to rapidly fluctuating temperatures within the heating unit.
  • Rattling sound due to loose ducts and openings in the furnace.
  • Screeching sound, which indicates the raptured blower motor of the furnace. It can also occur due to the damage of the belt/pulley in the furnace.
  • Humming sound due to the ruptured blower motor of the furnace.
  • Clicking noise indicates a problem with the flame sensor or igniter. Generally, the issue gets fixed through regular furnace repair and rarely requires a replacement.
  • Booming sound is an indication of dangerous gas leakage from the furnace. A faulty heat exchanger can release carbon monoxide, polluting the home’s air. It’s time to change the unit for your family’s safety and comfort.

Furnace installation Colorado Springs - A step-by-step procedure

The process requires technical expertise, so you must employ a reputable company that specializes in furnace service Colorado Springs residents often turn to us for this because of our extensive expertise. Here is what we consider when it comes to undertaking this complicated task.

1. Select the furnace and place of installation:

When it comes to installing furnace parts Colorado springs customers rely on us. We know that furnaces require proper ventilation and clean space, so we appreciate when you make sure the area is clean and doesn’t contain dust and debris.

2. Proper openings for drainage:

The bottom part of the furnace usually consists of a return air duct, which requires an appropriate hole to remove dust and vent, so appropriate drainage options must be in place.

3. Connect to the ducting unit:

After the furnace unit is placed correctly, it must be connected to your homes’ ducting system. The connection must have a proper seal with metal foil tape.

4. Connecting the vent pipes:

Ensure that the furnace’s intake and exhaust pipes are placed at a sloping angle, which will ensure adequate drainage and condensation.

5. Connect the gas supply by taking a precaution against possible leakage and inadequate ventilation.

6. Connect electric supply, keeping in mind the polarity of low and high voltages.

7. Connect the condensate drain.

8. Check the heating process:

After your furnace has been installed, you must test whether the technician has done the installation process correctly. Take extra caution to test gas leakages, condensation process etc. Rest assured that if you are working with one of our technicians, we will complete the process correctly.

Keep in mind that installing a furnace is not a simple process and requires experienced and trained professionals to complete the installation process with ease.

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Furnace Replacement Colorado Springs - What to expect?

Replacing a furnace requires specialized contractors to do the replacement and installation for you, so be sure that a trained and experienced technician is available to replace the heating systems (all of our technicians are!) The company must give a transparent and free estimate of the overall installation cost, excellent customer satisfaction, emergency support and routine services and we are proud to say that we cover all of these concerns. Here are some of the aspects that a professional furnace service company covers:

1. Performance details in a written document on the heating unit and ACs.

2. We are always certain to test all of the furnace parts Colorado Springs customers will need.

3. We always properly dispose of existing parts and debris accumulated during the installation process.

4. Using drop cloths and floor savers to wipe out dust and dirt from the working space.

5. Giving a good warranty for the heating system replacements. Generally, A warranty of 10 years is included, covering the part replacement, labor service, 24/7 assistance etc.