Is Hvac Maintenance Worth It?

Is Hvac Maintenance Worth It?

You must have a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system at your home or office. It is common to find some issues with an HVAC System. That is why one needs to have a good HVAC team in their phone contacts.

The HVAC glitches are mostly during the peak seasons – summer and winter. One may have to call someone from the HVAC team to solve a problem 2-3 times or more in a year. Paying the HVAC team every time can be an expensive habit. Therefore, most people tend to enter into a service contract with an HVAC team.

There are different types of Service Contracts, and the service coverage varies from one to the other. HVAC Maintenance contracts mainly fall into three categories, which are:

  • Service Contracts cover the Labor Cost components with annual or semi-annual plans including scheduled visits for proper HVAC maintenance.
  • Service Contracts that cover Labor Costs and Scheduled Visits along with Non-Scheduled Visits for unforeseen repairs.
  • Service Contracts that cover the Labor costs and the scheduled and unscheduled visits and the Device repair parts if need be.

Thus it can be inferred from the above contracts that when it comes to HVAC Service contracts, the first category has minimum coverage. In contrast, the last category has maximum coverage.

Other sub-plans within these categories have coverage options for only furnace or only air conditioning or heating issues. A person may find a suitable plan for their requirements, considering the usage and climate.

People tend to become skeptical about the worthiness of HVAC Maintenance costs since it can be so expensive and since they are already paying their HVAC team. It is a genuine question most people have to answer before investing their hard-earned money in an HVAC maintenance plan.

Here are some of the reasons that would let you know the real worth of the HVAC maintenance plans and their respective costs.

  1. HVAC maintenance plan to prevent Emergencies .

Our HVAC systems are the most overlooked things. People seldom notice them until there is some emergency like the refrigerant pipe is leaking or if the ventilation ducts are clogged, or if there is some issue that arises with clogged drains, and so on.
In order to avoid emergencies, a person must seek the help of an experienced and professional HVAC team to detect the problem and nip it in the bud.

  1. It leads to Lesser Electricity Bill Payments.

An HVAC system is an integral part of our lives. Sometimes, if the HVAC system is not taken care of some issues will arise, like improper cooling or heating of the home. That can lead to you using your HVAC system more often. This leads us to consume more electricity and increases the cost of our electricity bills.

Having an HVAC maintenance plan helps us fix scheduled visits from an HVAC team who would look into the issue and take care of the problem so that heating and cooling are optimal. This would then lower our electricity consumption, and thus, we spend less money on our electricity bills!

  1. HVAC Maintenance for longer Service Period.

HVAC Systems are expensive as they cover the heating, cooling, and ventilation requirements of your entire house. These purchases have heavy price tags attached to them. Therefore, one may think to elongate their working life to have as little depreciation as possible.

HVAC maintenance plans cover regularly scheduled visits to your home to do proper servicing for your system. If you don’t mind getting your car serviced to prolong its life, then you should also care to purchase an HVAC maintenance plan as it tends to elongate your HVAC System’s working life.

  1. HVAC Maintenance for Priority Service.

Suppose there is some unforeseen issue that has arisen causing the air conditioning to stop working. It is the peak summertime with scorching heat. How do you manage?

If you do not have an HVAC maintenance plan, any HVAC repair team will do a service visit and demand an exorbitant price to fix your HVAC issue.

However, if you have an HVAC maintenance plan, the HVAC team will prioritize your request and fix your problem right away. Moreover, they will not take any extra money beyond what the plan covers.

  1. To have insurance for Repair Costs.

Even if you regularly check your HVAC system something amiss may occur, which might damage some parts of the HVAC system. It could be the refrigerant tube or the compressor, and so on.

If you have not subscribed to any HVAC maintenance plan, then you might have to cover a huge sum of the cost to repair the damaged parts.

However, if you have an HVAC maintenance plan, the HVAC team will take care of devices’ costs if you have the device repair coverage in the Plan.


HVAC maintenance plans come in a variety of price ranges from below $100 USD to above $400 USD depending upon the Plan’s coverage. While the minimum coverage category starts from a little below 100 bucks, the Maximum Coverage covering sufficient device part repairs costs you over 400 bucks a year. All Plans have their benefits. While the minimum coverage plan covers your regular maintenance, emergency prohibitions, and electricity bill savings, the Maximum coverage tends to include the priority requests and repair costs for device parts too.

The cost incurred by a person not having an HVAC maintenance plan is far beyond the cost incurred for an HVAC maintenance plan. This means that if we do a Cost-Benefit analysis for the HVAC maintenance plan, the benefits in terms of cost savings like electricity bill savings, device repair costs, home visit costs outweigh the payment that one pays for the HVAC Plan. One must choose an HVAC maintenance plan that suits their HVAC maintenance requirements keeping in mind the usual local climate. These are the reasons HVAC maintenance plans are worth every precious penny!