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If you want to live a healthy and comfortable life, then you must take care of the air quality of your home. When it comes to air quality, air ducts play a crucial role because they can highly impact the efficiency of your HVAC system (and that’s why it is important to clean them regularly). So if you feel that your central heating or air conditioner system is not functioning as it should be, then you should consider contacting an air duct cleaning contractor. One thing you should keep in mind is that not all contractors will provide the same quality and value, so you must complete your research before choosing one.

Elevation Mechanical is the fastest growing HVAC services company that offers services in various areas of Colorado Springs. We have been in this business for a long time and have an impeccable record with hundreds of satisfied customers. We have a highly experienced team that is trained to execute their jobs with the utmost professionalism. As a customer-centric company, we don’t only maintain and clean your air ducts systems, but we also put 100% effort into cleaning your indoor air, so you can enjoy a healthier atmosphere.

No matter whether you want duct redesigning, duct sealing or complete air duct cleaning, we assure you that we will be able to serve all of your needs. Our main motive is to help our customers have a healthier and cleaner indoor environment. So you can be sure that with us, you will get the best service and maintenance that you and your HVAC system deserve.

Improve the Efficiency of your Ducts System with our Air duct cleaning Colorado Springs Services

To improve the lifespan and performance of your HVAC system, you must maintain all of its parts, which are heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. No matter how well you maintain the heating or air conditioning system, if your ventilation part is not up to the mark, you will have to compromise on your comfort and indoor air quality. Our duct cleaning team has years of experience in servicing and maintaining ducts along with the rest of your ventilation system.

We help you take care of your ductwork properly, which makes your duct system last longer. But it’s a reality that someday it will become inefficient and when that happens, you will have to replace it. Being a professional duct cleaning company, we also offer duct replacement services. So if you think that your ductwork is getting worn down and has started creating performance issues, then we will be happy to help you replace your entire duct system at a very budget-friendly price.

We understand that replacing ductwork is a big decision and can impact your daily life, so if you are not sure what you should do, then you may contact us and we will recommend you the best options. There are some scenarios where a partial duct replacement can restore the efficiency of your HVAC system and improve indoor air quality. Our experienced team will arrive at your doorstep and inspect your air duct system and they will honestly tell you whether you need a full or partial replacement. We treat our customers like our family, so you can trust that we won’t make you pay for things that are not required.
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Elevation Mechanical is known for its highly experienced team, which only focuses on providing the best services. As you know, air ducts are always exposed to various elements and due to this, they are more likely to accumulate lint and dust. This accumulation grows over time, which forms a dirt layer on the surface. This creates resistance against air flow and as a result, its efficiency reduces and your energy bills get higher. Our duct and vent cleaning Colorado Springs professionals are trained to clean your ducts thoroughly. They have access to all the necessary tools, which helps them carry out the entire cleaning much faster and safer.

In case, if you think that you need to install a new duct system, then we could also help you with that. Duct installation is not a simple process and it requires extra care and experience. Along with this, ductwork is extremely fragile, and a single installation mistake could lead to loose joints, poorly sized ducts, and leakage. It does not only disturb your life style but can also reduce the efficiency of your entire HVAC system by 30%. This means that you will pay for energy that didn’t add value to your life.

Not only this, but damaged ducts accumulate dust and dirt at a higher rate. Harmful elements like dust, pollen, and debris can make their way into your entire ductwork system and get spread across your entire house. Ducts tears also speed up moisture accumulation, which gives birth to other problems like mold growth. All these issues can be avoided by contacting a reliable duct and vent cleaning contractor. Elevation Mechanical offers professional duct installation, which ensures that your ductwork will stay in a working condition regardless of any climatic conditions.

Contact Our Dryer Vent Cleaning Colorado Springs Team For Complete Dryer Vent Maintenance

According to surveys, every year thousands of house fires happen due to poorly maintained dryer vent systems. Whenever you start your dryer, some amount of debris and lint do not get filtered out. These remaining contaminants can get transferred into the hose and there the steam absorbs them and makes a flammable cellulose layer, which then covers the apparatus. Over time, this layer gets thick and becomes a potential fire threat and safety concern.

These leftovers can also increase the release of toxins in your house, which may cause lung irritation, allergies, and other respiratory problems. The good thing is that these safety concerns can be prevented by proper dryer vent cleaning. You just have to make sure that you are working with a reliable dryer vent cleaning company. Fortunately, Elevation Mechanical also offers complete dryer vent cleaning services. Our professionals are always active and looking for opportunities to serve the people of Colorado Springs. From duct cleaning to dryer vent cleaning, you can rely on us for any HVAC services. Even if you just want to check how everything looks, you can still contact us for a complete inspection.

Our dryer vent cleaning Colorado Springs residents rely on because they are are popular in the entire region, so you can have full faith that you will get the maximum value from us. Some people try to clean their dryer vent by themselves but without having proper tools, it will be difficult and you might not achieve great results. Apart from this, the cleaning tools needed are also very expensive, so it’s not an efficient choice. Our professionals have access to all the necessary dryer vent tools. By working with us, you won’t only get a better than ever vent dryer system, but you will also save a lot of your money.
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Redesign Your Duct System With Our Professional Colorado Duct Cleaning and Redesigning Services

Is your duct system not being efficient even after taking all the maintenance measures? If so, then there might be an issue with the design of your ductwork. While building a house, most contractors don’t spend enough time on detailing and designing the duct system, which creates issues like high energy bills, hot and cold spots, and people think that this is common. In reality, this can be easily rectified by just redesigning the duct system. Our duct cleaning technicians have years of experience with duct design and redesign. We help homeowners tackle all the problems related to duct systems and also assist new homeowners by building them the most efficient ventilation system.

There are a lot of problems that an improper duct installation creates, but one of the most notable is bad air balancing. One common sign of an inferior duct design is when you notice that some rooms in your house have irregular temperatures as compared to other ones. Along with improper duct installation, crimps and multiple bends are some other factors that might cause this problem. Our Colorado duct cleaning company has been dealing with these issues for years, so we know how to fix them more effectively and efficiently. Our professionals will evaluate the problems in your home and identify what would be the best approach to work on these issues.

Our team will prepare a comprehensive modification plan and then they will start the repairing process. If the problems are due to improper duct size, they will install new ductwork or redesign the existing one. In case of new duct installation, our Colorado duct cleaning team will measure everything properly and pick the best materials, so you can get the best results possible. We will insulate your ductwork in such a way that it will never cause cold and hot spots, which will make your life more comfortable all year long.

Get Your Ducts Tested & Sealed By The Most Popular Duct & Vent Cleaning Colorado Springs Company

It’s not wise to expect the ducts in your house’s walls to stay as good as new forever. The ductwork is always exposed to outside elements; that’s why they can develop air leaks and other issues very easily. If not fixed properly, these issues might disturb your indoor air quality and increase your energy bills. To overcome this problem, most people utilize duct tapes, which is not a permanent solution. To identify duct issues and fix them properly, you need to conduct legitimate duct testing and this can only be done by a professional duct services providing company.

There are several ways to tell whether your air ducts have leakage or not including Uneven heating, low air, and acrid smells. Once you know that your air ducts have leakage, you should start the dust testing process as soon as possible. Our technicians will take everything from there. We will start by sealing your ventilation system and then we will increase the pressure within the ducts. The leakage will be identified by the rate at which the pressure drops. If it’s faster, then it means, there is heavy leakage.

Duct tapes are popular for duct sealing, but they are not effective at all. To solve this problem, you need something strong. That’s why our professionals use a blend of mastic sealant and metallic tapes because these tapes build a powerful mechanical seal all over the duct leak, which makes them real duct tape in every sense. Coming to mastic sealant, it is a resin-based sealant that is applied to the leaking joints to airtight them completely. The main reason to use mastic is that it is flexible, which means it will adjust according to the change in temperature.

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Elevation Mechanical has a reputation for providing highest quality services at the best price. Our main goal is to make your home more comfortable and healthier and we always put extra effort to accomplish this goal. This is the reason why when it comes to air duct cleaning Colorado Springs reviews from residents are always positive. All of our technicians are certified and have years of experience. They always arrive on time and start the job with a pre-cleaning inspection. You can ask us any questions and we will be more than happy to clear your doubts.

We understand the value of the home; that’s why we always use corner guards and floor mats to keep walls and floors safe. When it comes to air duct cleaning Colorado Springs reviews are very important to us. In order to always receive positive reviews, we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee. We have very transparent pricing, which means that you will only pay for the work you asked for. We are air duct cleaning specialists, so no matter what your needs are, we are sure that we will be able to fulfill them.