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Commercial Heating Colorado Springs

Most people rely on cranking up the thermostat to heat up their homes. However, there is a lot more to it than the simple interface of a thermostat. We have spent years learning the intricate details of how furnaces work, and we ensure that your furnace maintains an optimal temperature and ensures your comfort. It is always advised to consult a professional company like ours, as we can better recommend what works well for a commercial property’s heating systems.

There are so many options available in the market when it comes to commercial heating systems. These are essential for workers in the Colorado Springs area due to our harsh winters, and that’s why these are the systems that keep people from falling victims to hypothermia. Each of the options on the market is different from the other, because they have their pros and even their cons. It is vital that you find the one that fits you.

Let’s have a look at the types of commercial furnaces.

Central Forced Air Commercial Furnace Colorado Springs

This is the most common commercial furnace, which pops up on a simple Google search of commercial furnaces. This is due to the sheer popularity of the system. You can see these systems present across almost all residential areas because this system has a network of HVAC ducts across the building. These circulate air using a powerful blower and the ducts form a loop to provide heat to the entire building.

There are options in this system as well. You can choose how the heat is generated.

Here are the two different options for this system:

  • Fuel Based: Fuel Based commercial furnaces use conventional fuels or natural gas for heating. This heat is then transferred to metal and circulated across the building.
  • Heat Pump: Heat Pumps are very similar to how an air conditioner works. It pulls out the heat from the surrounding air and pumps it into the system. These systems are known for their performance because they can even provide cooling and heating simultaneously in different parts of the building.

Commercial furnace repair is required from time to time in these systems; however, the system itself is quite efficient. When finding commercial furnace parts Colorado Springs residents should know that the parts for this system are also quite common. This is due to the widespread use of water heating systems across the area.

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Commercial furnace repair Colorado Springs systems

Water Heating: Water Heating is another way of heating up your building because this is the best way to provide heat to your building if it is older. Water heating doesn’t need ducting across the building; instead it uses the tubes in the walls of the building to provide heat. These systems need a higher level of maintenance to keep functioning efficiently. However, if your building already has ducts, it would make no sense to go for this sort of heating system. It would be expensive by a margin and would leave the ducts useless. There have been many innovations in this field that have made the system only efficient in certain cases.

Geothermal Heating: Geothermal heating is the newest technology in this field. It is based on the heat pump principle: Instead of pulling heat out from the air, it does so from the ground. The heat obtained is not high and hence this system is recommended only in areas that don’t have very cold winters. The installation procedure for the system is also quite extensive. To install it, there is excavation required under and around the building. All of these factors drive up the installation costs quite significantly. Customers do turn to us when it comes to Commercial Furnace Repair Colorado Springs residents should keep in mind though that repair for this system costs a fortune. However, if used in limited quantities, there is little to no maintenance required for these systems.

Radiant Heating: If Mother Earth is something you want to save, it is highly unlikely you’ll find a more suitable option. This system uses simple physics to transfer the heat to colder places thus heating up the building. There are special plastic tubes used for this purpose and these special tubes facilitate the transfer of heat without much heat loss. Radiant hydronic systems are used to generate heat and transfer them.

Active Solar Heating: Since the Sun is the largest source of heat, there are many ways to harness it. Active Solar heating is the option offered when it comes to heating services in the buildings. They harvest the energy of the Sun and use hydronics to supply it across the building. These systems require a large amount of investment upfront and may not be for everyone.

When it comes to commercial heating Colorado Springs residents have many choices. We hope you’ll turn to us to help you decide which system is best for you!

Applications of Commercial furnace service colorado springs

We know that the type of Commercial furnace Colorado Springs residents need is utilized in public places like offices, shops, schools, restaurants, gyms, theatres, and other commercial establishments. They serve the purpose of maintaining an optimal temperature and ensuring the customer’s comfort. When it comes to consulting a professional Commercial furnace service Colorado Springs residents know they can turn to us. We can help recommend which commercial property heating system is best for you!

A professional possesses the required skills, expertise, and experience in the installation, commercial furnace repair, and maintenance of commercial furnaces, ensuring your business property’s safety and comfort.

Incorrect fittings can lead to fatal gas leakages, the release of harmful carbon monoxide all
around, and even explosions. You can expect a certified commercial heating engineer to have worked on the following systems:

  • Domestic heating and cooling units.
  • Commercial furnace systems
  • Sanitation systems
  • Environment technologies
  • Gas safety measures and protocols

When it comes to installing commercial furnace parts Colorado Springs customers should turn to us. We know that this process requires specialized contractors to do the replacement and installation for you. Ensure that a trained and experienced technician like one of ours is
available to replace or install the heating systems.

The company must also give a transparent and free estimate of the overall installation cost,
excellent customer satisfaction, emergency support, and routine services, which we are always sure to do.

Responsibility of commercial property owner:
It is a business owner’s responsibility to ensure that the heating systems have safe and sound
working conditions as well as make sure of routine commercial furnace service, proper cleaning, and repairs. It is always recommended to have C0 alarms installed to indicate gas leakages and prevent any form of explosion
Difference between Commercial and Domestic Furnace experts:

A commercial furnace inspection requires much more experience and
expertise in working with more extensive and complex systems than domestic heating
engineers. A business setup is accompanied by more complex pipework and integrations.
Renowned furnace companies must undertake these large-scale projects to ensure appropriate
planning and adherence to the deadlines.

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When do you need commercial furnace Colorado Springs ?

Some of the crucial warnings of a commercial furnace breakdown include:

  1. Skyrocketing energy bills: The furnaces inefficient running might result in considerable energy consumption, resulting in huge bills as a part of business expenditure. Calling a furnace
    service like ours can help resolve the issues for you.
  2. Inadequate heating: If the commercial setup receives insufficient heating and is subjected to fluctuating temperatures, it’s time to employ commercial furnace cleaning Colorado Springs customers often rely on us to do this for them.
  3. Grinding sounds of the furnace: If you ever notice the screeches, grinding, and whining sounds from the furnace, this means that the heating unit is facing mechanical issues.
  4. Strange smells from the commercial furnace: A faulty heat exchanger can release carbon monoxide, polluting the office air and endangering employees.
  5. Poor Heating services: If the heater does not perform up to your expectations and still keeps the office cold, you might require a furnace inspection to fix the minor issues.
  6. The furnaces pilot light is yellow: Ideally, the pilot light must have blue and consistent Flames because any deviation might mean dangerous carbon monoxide is getting released into your workplace, and it requires immediate action.

Choosing the right Commercial furnace repair Colorado Springs

Commercial furnace repair requires specialized contractors to do the repairing for you. Here are a few crucial factors you must consider while hiring a furnace repair company at your offices:

  1. The experience level: Ensure that a tried and tested experienced technician is available to repair the furnace. Prior expertise in servicing heat and gas furnaces is necessary.
  2. Pick a reputable service: When it comes to picking a reputable service for Commercial Furnace cleaning Colorado Springs residents turn to us. We are a recognized furnace repair company with technicians who have gone through rigorous training and follow proper protocols while working.
  3. Check Positive reviews: Be sure to read reviews of companies that specialize in Commercial furnace inspection Colorado Springs customers deserve only the best! Be sure to read the company’s positive and negative reviews. This feedback can give a fair idea of the quality and cost of a furnace repair.
  4. Provide a proper estimate: Not every furnace repair company offers a transparent assessment of their work and operations cost. Ensure that you get a good idea of the services before opting for them.