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Furnace Maintenance

Welcome to Elevation Mechanical, where you will find the builders and maintainers of the safest furnace Colorado Springs has to offer. For the past decade, we have continuously served the good people of Colorado Springs with specialized, top-notch, and professional furnace services, while maintaining the highest level of safety, precaution, and gratifying satisfaction. We have proved our expertise repeatedly, especially in the field of repair and maintenance of furnaces across the city. Sadly, many customers do not realize that furnace maintenance is foundational to having an efficient HVAC system that will run hitch-free for a longer duration, as opposed to one randomly causing mishaps or errors. Often, clients only call for our help when the furnace stops heating properly, or just won’t light again; some have even come precariously close to blowing their pipes because they deemed maintenance a nuisance.

At Elevation Mechanical, maintenance is our motto, and with our reputation as the company that offers the best furnace service Colorado Springs homeowners love, we go out of our way to ensure timely and thorough maintenance of our systems across the city of Colorado Springs. We are happy to report that this ongoing habit has resulted in positive results, as our customers not only enjoy rest of mind knowing their furnaces will not disappoint them when it is needed the most, they also know their house will not erupt in flames due to gas leakage or fire outbreak from poor workmanship. A home is a vital component of the American lifestyle; do you want to lose that fundamental element because you let a shameful HVAC contractor handle your furnace when the best furnace service Colorado Springs residents can boast of is right here to give you the best furnace Colorado Springs folks have enjoyed for the longest of time?

Why We Offer The Best Furnace Colorado Springs Residents Love?

In our experience, a furnace requires only the most intelligent professional because such a system deals with controlled burning, and unless you want your home to end in a big KABOOM, then Elevation Mechanical is the only trusted company in Colorado Springs that you should hire for the job; our safety precautions and procedures are the absolute best. Even when those faults inevitably arrive, Elevation Mechanical still resolves the issue the quickest, still being the most efficient furnace repair Colorado Springs people can find.

Our job starts before you purchase your furnace, meaning that our in-house experts not only give knowledgeable advice on the appropriate furnace size to purchase, but also provide cross-reference reviews for a more detailed scale of cost-efficiency examination. Of course, we also offer furnace installation, which allows you to sit back and let us do all of the work instead; we are eager to please your every need.

Types of Furnaces We Maintain

  1. Natural gas furnace: this is the go-to option for the typical American household, as they are not only suitable for tight budget households in Colorado Springs. Over the years, Elevation Mechanical has mastered the art of servicing natural gas furnaces; we have explored the top causes of error that continuously appear with a natural gas furnace such as filters that easily clog up, ignition problems, thermostats that keep breaking, and insufficient heat circulation.
  2. Electric furnace: an electric furnace is not only a cost-efficient buy, but its operation and maintenance are easier; in fact, at Elevation Mechanical, we even deliver simple DIY maintenance tips that will help you save money on maintenance.
  3. Oil furnaces: a classic furnace that’s not as commonly used anymore, but still remains a viable option is the oil furnace; we offer more specialized maintenance options for oil furnaces, as the process can sometimes be messy. Some of the common defects are burner smoke, odors and fumes, continuous chimney smoke, clattering noises from the furnace, and a sudden furnace malfunction.

Providing Excellent Service

Best Furnace Cleaning Colorado Spring Residents Trust

Sometimes, all a furnace needs is careful and thorough cleaning to clear out all of the debris and ash that is bound to form, especially in oil furnaces; therefore, we encourage our clients to clean out their furnaces regularly. We advise that they let us handle the heavy work, as our methods ensure that all the debris is completely removed indefinitely, because we do not believe in superficial or careless work. You can be sure that your furnaces appear spick-and-span when we are finished. That is the sole reason why we can handle the most quality furnace cleaning Colorado Springs homeowners can trust.

On a commercial level, our team of efficient HVAC professionals employs best practices to get your commercial furnace firing on all cylinders. Our procedures include:

+ Thermostat check and recalibration: since the furnace depends on the thermostat to turn on and off, and calculate its output, the thermostat must be meticulously tested and repaired to keep a space at an optimum temperature.

+ Vent pipe check: we check and clean the furnace exhaust lines, as these ensure that when moisture is released, it does not clog up the furnace, or lead to dangerous and expensive situations. Our thoroughness is one of the reasons we are the best furnace cleaning Colorado Springs locals have available to them.

+ CO leak check: the dangerous effects of carbon monoxide are nothing short of horrible, and at Elevation Mechanical, we strive to ensure that furnaces we install, or undergo our inspection process, match our policy of absolutely no existence of CO leaks, as the long-term effects can be disastrous on the health of our clients, and a precursor of bigger maintenance issues.
This policy has enabled Elevation Mechanical to offer the safest furnace inspection Colorado Springs residents need.

+ Combustion chamber inspection: this chamber is where the fuel is burned to produce the heat for distribution, so it is imperative that it is regularly checked and cleaned to avoid a build-up of dirt; again, this is most common with oil furnaces.

Why Our Company Provides The Best Furnace Repair Colorado Springs Homeowners Need?

With electric furnaces, electrical parts and mechanisms are our focus, as they are in the most danger of no longer working due to a short circuit; these include wires, circuit breakers, and voltage regulators. In the event that your furnace is damaged and needs part replacements, you can be sure that Elevation Mechanical is your best choice for parts, ranging from control boards, gas valves, draft inducers and blower motors, ignitors, and switches of all types. We serve the best furnace repair Colorado Springs residents and business owners can trust at all times. These parts are sourced from only the best to choose from; we do everything possible to secure the highest quality of spare parts, and ensure they are readily available, because we understand how faults that require replacements usually show up without any warning, and like a Boy Scout, we are always prepared. Not only do we carry these parts, but our HVAC experts judiciously fix these parts while offering advice on how to extend the life span of the furnace.

At Elevation Mechanical, we know that all good things will surely come to an end, and that is why we are readily available for all of your furnace replacement needs. We understand that things change, furnaces either weaken or get stronger, the family gets bigger, you move to a more spacious house, people get older and weaker; in essence, life happens. We are here to ensure that replacing your furnace is not a decision you have to make alone or in ignorance, unlike money-hungry contractors that choose the most expensive furnace for you without any regard for your preferences and budget. At Elevation Mechanical, we will never try to suspiciously upsell furnaces that you do not need – never.

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Why We Are The Best Furnace Replacement Colorado Springs Homeowners Trust?

We are solely in business to make your home comfortable with the warmth of the perfect furnace for you, and nothing more. On that note, we promise to provide the most hassle-free furnace replacement Colorado Springs folks can experience, and the smoothest furnace inspection Colorado Springs residents have come to expect from us. All you need to do is give us a call to arrange for one of our HVAC experts to inspect and make necessary recommendations. Nevertheless, we settle any technicalities, and then you relax and let us prove how we offer the most flawless furnace replacement Colorado Springs folks have enjoyed for years.

At Elevation Mechanical, we have developed a strong suit of service in the specialty of furnace installation, repair, maintenance, inspection, cleaning, and general care. We are well versed in the business of furnaces; during all years of operation as an HVAC business in Colorado Springs, people have given us tremendous insights in our ability to predict furnace faults and take preventive measures to tackle them before they become a financial burden. We have a big focus on preventative maintenance; we believe the best time to maintain your furnace is right before the fall season begins, when its usage increases exponentially; the second-best time is right now, especially when your furnace has not been maintained in a while. We would gladly repair and replace the furnace, but we would rather maintain its strength and save money for you.

To address any of your doubts you may have about Elevation Mechanical and our services, we invite you to come and visit any of our branches, and speak to our numerous qualified representatives, who are more than willing to help in any case. Or, you can book an appointment through any of our social media platforms and get in touch; we will reach out to you and start you on your way to enjoy the services that Colorado Springs residents have come to enjoy for several years. Let’s get your furnace nice and comfy today.