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Colorado is a beautiful state, we have cold snowy winters and hot summers. We have wonderful natural beauty that is great for hiking and fishing and many other outdoor activities. However, sometimes when the temperatures rise and the humidity fills the air, there is no other place you would rather be than in the comfort of your own home. However, your home will not be comfortable if you have neglected or ignored your air conditioning needs. Instead of a nice, relaxing place to be, you will be sitting in stifling, stale air. Right now is the perfect time to address all of your cooling needs. Did you notice last summer that your air conditioning unit wasn’t really doing its job? Perhaps, you turned it on, but your space never got cool. This can be such a frustrating experience when you have no place to escape the heat and relax after a hard day at work. Do not worry, Elevation Mechanical is here to help. We are the experts in air conditioning installation Colorado Springs residents have been turning to for their cooling needs for years. Summers here can be impossible to bear without an adequate air conditioning system and we do not want you to find yourself in that situation. We are available to replace that old broken inefficient system before it gets too warm.

There are many reasons that an air conditioner can stop functioning. The problem can be something small, simple, and easily fixed. It can also be a much more complex problem that can result in complete system failure. However, you are not an expert. This is why it is important that you call the experts in air conditioning Colorado Springs homeowners have relied upon for years. Once we are called, we can come to diagnose your issue. In the event that you will need a new unit, there is nobody better to trust than us. We are the company that specializes in air conditioning installation Colorado Springs homeowners need. Replacing your air conditioner requires a high level of knowledge in the field, because you will need to determine which type and size of unit is suitable for your home environment. This is why we recommend that you contact a professional company with some of the most qualified experts in the community. Here at Elevation Mechanical, we employ only the most highly qualified, competent employees.

Air Conditioning Colorado Springs

Elevation Mechanical is an HVAC company that has been providing high quality services to the people of Colorado Springs for many years. We have built our reputation on quality workmanship, completed by trained, respectable professionals. Our customers know that we are fair and trustworthy. This is why we are the company for AC Colorado Springs residents can turn to. Elevation Mechanical stands out among our competitors because we take care of our customers right from the beginning. Our workers are highly experienced in the field and have thorough knowledge about all air conditioners, which allows them to give you expert advice regarding the replacement of your A/C. We offer many different types of services, but if your unit is old and outdated and you definitely want to replace it, then we are the company for you. We are the premiere experts in AC Installation Colorado Springs homeowners have been trusting for their installation needs for years, let us help you too. When you reach out to us, you can be assured that your investment in a new air conditioner will be worthwhile and will serve you and your family’s cooling needs for many years. We know that you have many options when considering what company may be the best fit for you and your needs. For some people the ease of the process will be the most important consideration, for other people it will be the cost. However, whatever your needs are for your own air conditioning problems, we are confident that we are the best company to meet all of your needs.

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Why did my Air Conditioner Stop Working?

There are many different moving parts that allow an air conditioner to function properly to cool your home. Perhaps the most important component is the compressor. Compressors play a key role in the operation of your air conditioner. Its role is to compress the gas inside to enable your unit to cool the environment properly. Therefore, if your AC unit has stopped cooling the way it used to and there isn’t hot air being dispelled to the outside, this can be a sign that there is a problem with your compressor. This is only one type of problem that an air conditioner can have, but it is a major problem. Oftentimes a broken compressor will require a new AC unit. However, the novice handyman may not know this. You could spend a lot of money and many hours trying to fix your unit only to find out that it requires replacement. This is why it is always a good idea to call a specialized, trustworthy company, such as Elevation Mechanical right from the start. In the event that you do need a new unit, then rest assured we have a reputation for air conditioning installation Colorado Springs residents have come to associate with quality workmanship at fair prices.

Another problem that your unit may have could relate to your refrigerant. Refrigerant is the liquid that enables your air conditioning unit to cool the environment which makes it one of the most important parts of an A/C. Without this, your unit is just a fancy fan. Having a problem or leak with this could be the reason your unit is not chilling the environment, because when there is insufficient liquid then how will your unit release the cold air. However, how will you know what to do and how to diagnose your problem properly? This is why it is a wise move to call an expert from the beginning, so that you do not waste time and money misdiagnosing the problem.

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Many people hope that their air conditioning unit will last forever. However, as is the case with many things in life, this is not possible. Most people do not know the ideal life of an air conditioner, we are here to help. There are two benchmarks which can be used to determine if you should start thinking about replacing your air conditioning unit. If your air conditioner is 8 years old or more, then it’s recommended that you change your air conditioner. This is because it works quite inefficiently at this age. At this age, your unit is draining extra energy which can cause your electricity bills to be quite high. However, even at 8 years old it can still work to cool your home. However, if your air conditioner is 15 years old or more then it is definitely recommended that you replace your air conditioner. At this age, the components of your unit will begin degrading and breaking frequently. One costly repair may lead to another in a few short months. Do not let yourself sink money into the repair of an old, outdated, inefficient unit.

It is so easy to get the ball rolling with Elevation Mechanical:

  1. Call us at 719-460-7091 to book an appointment. We assure you that when you call us your call will be answered by a real person. We know how frustrating it can be to always encounter an automated message.
  2. Decide the date and time of the appointment. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it’s completely up to you to choose the date and time depending upon when is the most convenient for you.
  3. On the day of your scheduled appointment, sit back and relax. Our employee will show up on time and immediately get to work evaluating and assessing your air conditioning situation.

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We are reliable. We know how worried you are right now to be finding yourself in the situation in which the summer is on your doorstep and your air conditioner has stopped working properly. We understand your position and we guarantee that you can rely on us to guide you about the replacement of your air conditioner. Our employees will show up on time and act professionally the entire time, this is a highly critical aspect of our business model. We know that there are many choices for AC Installation Colorado Springs homeowners can call; we want to be your first call. Therefore, we work hard to earn and maintain a reputation of quality workmanship at a fair price. Replacing an air conditioning unit is not a simple task, it requires extensive knowledge of electrical and plumbing systems in order to ensure a safe, reliable unit. We hire only the best, most highly trained, knowledgeable workers to entrust your home’s safety and cooling needs to.