What Does Duct Cleaning Entail?

What Does Duct Cleaning Entail?

Indoor air pollution is quickly becoming a huge issue and now has proven negative impacts on the human body. One of the biggest reasons for this deteriorating quality of air inside your house can be dirty, blocked, and/or leaking air ducts in your HVAC system(s). So try to get all the air ducts cleaned immediately to make sure the quality of the air you breathe in your own home does not get worse.

Reasons for Getting Your Ducts Cleaned Immediately

  1. Mold – Mold can exacerbate respiratory issues and allergies in humans and can also multiply quickly, spreading throughout your entire house. It can easily cause condensation in your temperature control systems and cause damage to your ductwork, even more so in areas with a humid climate. Since temperature control systems are not easily accessible, mold can be quite hard to detect. You can, however, know of its presence from the musty odor that it gives off. Mold can wreak havoc in your system and so you must clean your ducts the moment you detect the presence of mold.
  2. Dust – Dust is another element that can seriously damage your AC unit and system. In case you see the flat surfaces coated with dust, you must get your entire ductwork cleaned at once. The problem is, even clean homes can have buildups of dust in the ductwork. Dust, dirt, and all such types of harmful contaminants can find a safe haven in your air duct. So, you need to look for any signs of dust emanating from the vents each time your HVAC system turns on. Call the professionals and get your ducts cleaned and be sure to replace the air filters of your HVAC system at regular intervals to prevent such buildups in the future.
  3. Rodent and/or Insect Infestation – Mice, rats, squirrels, and small insects like cockroaches can easily find their way into the air ducts, leaving behind a huge trail of bacteria. These rodents can also build nests and fill the entire duct systems with their droppings. Their fecal spores can also travel along the ducts and get into the air in your room(s), severely deteriorating its quality. Signs of such infestations are easy to spot and you will find plenty of them. If you ignore such an infestation it can cause severe structural damage.
  4. Recently Built or Renovated – There is a number of severely harmful particulate matter that is present in construction/remodeling dust. Even if a contractor is diligent about a proper clean-up and closes off construction areas, dust and debris will always find a path inside. Once inside your respiratory system, these pieces of particulate matter can really do damage.
  5. Elevating Energy Expenses – Temperature control bills tend to cost the same amount each month. So if there is a sudden hike or fall in your monthly energy costs, in comparison to the same bill(s) from a year ago, make sure you recheck all of your ductwork to see if you need to replace it. In case there are blockages in the ducts, air will not pass through freely or easily, thus drawing more power and driving your energy costs higher. Apart from blockages if the duct system has leaks the system is losing power. So, it is losing efficiency but racking up more energy expenses.

Preparing to Have the Ducts Cleaned

  • Decluttering Your House – You will need to remove all the clutter to make your duct system easily accessible for the professionals. For example, if your couch is in front of a vent slide it out of the way to provide easy access for the cleaning crew. The less clutter the professions encounter, the faster and less costly the entire cleaning process will be.
  • Test Out the AC Unit and the Furnace – In case you have any items stored close to the hot water tank, or the furnace, or your AC unit, try to move them out of the way so the cleaners can reach each more efficiently . The cleaning technician will then find it easier to clean out the complete duct system.
  • Ensure That Your Pets Are Secure – Always make sure that all of your pets are secured properly. All contractors leave doors open while conducting the clean-up. Pets can get into the room(s) and cause problems for the professionals, or they can also get seriously hurt by the equipment brought in by the contractor(s) or even fall down/get stuck in the ducts. Preferably leave them in a different room.
  • Show All Parts of Your House – Once the contractors get to your place give them a fast yet complete tour of your home. They need to know the location of all of your vents and the other components of the HVAC System. In case you cannot stay at home while the clean-up is happening, provide the contractor with your number so you can be reached, if necessary.

Factors That Affect the Cost of the Clean-Up

  1. The services that are being offered to you by the contractor.
  2. The size of the entire duct system that is designated for cleaning.
  3. How accessible your air ducts are for the contractor.
  4. The climate of the region where the cleaning is taking place.
  5. The amount of contamination that plagues the ducts.

Selecting the Best Suited Duct Cleaning Contractor

  • Conduct Extensive Research – Make sure that before you select a contractor to get your ducts cleaned you go through the websites of all the contractors that are offering clean-ups. You will find all the services and packages each offers and the reviews of their work left by previous customers.. Opt for the one that suits your needs the most.
  • Licensing and Employees – Only go for a contractor who has all the proper licenses to conduct duct cleanings and only hires employees who have experience and high-quality training in their respective fields.

In Conclusion

The Process of duct cleaning is unfortunately often associated with scams like “bait-and-switch” practices, which has made potential customers not want to have their air ducts cleaned. However, you must remember that with clean vents not only do you save on energy costs, but you also breathe air free from contaminants.