Water heater Maintenance

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Water Heater Maintenance

At Elevation Mechanical, we understand the importance of water heater maintenance, because the lack of maintenance often means that your HVAC might break down at the most inconvenient times, causing headaches and high bills! We all know how no one wants their water heaters having an issue on a cold morning when you need the hot water the most. At Elevation Mechanical, we have developed a reputation for using proper preventative maintenance. We know if we can stop an issue in your water heater before it gets uncontrollable, and we can fix it at a lower cost than our main competitors, and that is at the very core of our service here at Elevation Mechanical.

We are focused on ensuring that we save more money for you while providing the best maintenance services for you here in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. With our vastly experienced technicians, who have spent enormous amounts of time acquiring the best methods and practices, we have gradually guaranteed ourselves a spot at the very top of HVAC companies in Colorado springs.

Our maintenance routines have been commended by many, as we have driven down the cost of maintenance for our clients who trust us to provide the best services day in, day out, and we do not disappoint. Maintenance is never a DIY procedure, and we always advise that you reach out to us immediately when maintenance is due; we will be right there to assist you.

Here’s where it gets better, if you let Elevation Mechanical handle your water heater installation from beginning to end, then you have no worries concerning maintenance because we will put you right on our maintenance schedule and you can rest assured knowing that your water heater will regularly be maintained.

Water Heater Repair

Even though we provide the best water heater repair in Colorado springs and the surrounding areas, we still know that problems with your water heater will arise in the future, especially if Elevation Mechanical isn’t in charge of the original installation process. Nonetheless, we are well-versed in repairing a wide array of water heater issues and concerns, which include;

Water the color of rust
In our experience at Elevation Mechanical, this is often due to corrosion in the tank or pipes; this is the first precursor to some sort of leakage, as continued corrosion could eventually cause a rupture that will be more expensive to fix. At Elevation Mechanical, we ensure that we use the best sacrificial anode rods in our tanks to drastically drive down the rate of failure and subsequent rust and corrosion.

Lukewarm Water
At Elevation mechanical, we have seen this issue many times, and most times it has been caused by a lack of proper consultation during the purchase and installation point. Using regular HVAC companies who are only after a profit often leads to shoddy work that in turn can lead to incorrect plumbing installation, such as incorrect fixtures and crossing of lines.

Other times, the water heater is simply too small to handle the hot water needs of your family.
Adequate consultation with Elevation Mechanical consultants helps us identify the perfect water heater for your family’s needs and ensures that the heater you eventually pick will serve you for the longest time possible. Other technical problems can cause lukewarm water coming from your water heater. All of these issues need not worry you in the slightest when you have Elevation Mechanical to handle your water heater repair.

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Water heater Maintenance In Colorado Springs

The smell of rotten eggs is another common complaint from Colorado Springs residents, and we know just how to fix it. This issue is often caused by decaying bacteria sediments in your tank, which produce gases that come through your taps as the smell of rotten eggs. With Elevation Mechanical, we have just the right team, experienced in handling bacterial infestation in your tap, and ensuring they never make a return.
We’re dedicated to ensuring that you have enough hot water at all times, and safe water too. We don’t want you down with an infection straight from your tank. It’s this dedication to your entire welfare as a family that sets us apart from the vast sea of HVAC companies out there. Our principle of the highest quality services has not changed at all for the past ten years, and we don’t plan to hold back in providing our high standard to all of Colorado Springs residents.

We suggest you give us a call immediately when you notice odd behaviors from your water heater, and we’ll send over an experienced technician who will help you rectify the issue immediately. We also welcome inquiries, suggestions, and feedback at all times. We look forward to maintaining and repairing your water heaters.