Colorado Springs Duct Sealing

Are You Getting the Efficiency You’re Paying For?

Your utility bills are one of the largest annual home expenses.  If you’re thinking of replacing your heating and cooling system, it pays to hire an HVAC contractor that takes your entire heating and cooling system into consideration. Not just your furnace and air conditioner, but your ductwork as well.

Ductwork: the Missing Link to High Efficiency Heating & Cooling
Ductwork is rarely evaluated before replacing a heating and cooling system and ignoring it can lead to big problems. Because ducts are manually installed, they are prone to leaks. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates up to 40% of the air moving through a home’s ductwork is lost due to leaks, holes and poorly connected ducts and 95% of homes have leaky ductwork. Why is this bad? Even a small leak can have a big impact.

Comfort. Homes with leaky ducts can’t maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the home, leading to uneven temperatures.

Energy Efficiency. Leaky ducts require your system to work harder.

Air Quality. Leaky ducts can pull in dust, contaminants and allergens, from the attic and crawlspace to your basement and behind your walls.

Investing In a High-Efficiency System

EnergySTAR estimates heating and cooling can account for more than 50 percent of a home’s total energy use. It’s just one reason why many consumers shop for high-efficiency systems. Whether it’s a new furnace, heat pump or air conditioner, this new equipment is designed to last longer and run more efficiently than your current equipment.

But remember, the longevity and efficiency of heating and cooling equipment also depends on your home’s ductwork. By evaluating your ductwork before investing in new equipment, you may even be able to downsize to a smaller, more cost-effective heating and cooling system. Sealing your ducts is the best way to achieve maximum efficiency from your equipment.


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